20'' Reborn Baby Dolls Claire (177)

African American Reborn Baby Dolls (54)

17” Reborn Baby Dolls Sophia (71)

19” Reborn Baby Dolls Olivia (70)

19” Reborn Baby Dolls Chloe (47)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Lily (55)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Madelyn (16)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Riley (55)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Layla (69)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Hannah (55)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Isaac (142)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Evan (47)

20” Reborn Baby Dolls Elizabeth (63)

22” Reborn Baby Dolls Samantha (123)

19.5” Reborn Baby Dolls Leah (32)

20‘’ Reborn Baby Dolls Avatar (10)

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What Are Reborn Dolls?

A Reborn Baby Doll is a handcrafted piece of art created from a manufactured doll or kit that an artist transforms into a lifelike human baby. Reborn dolls are also known as Newborn dolls or Baby dolls. The reason why reborn dolls are so popular 2022 is that they can provide emotional comfort to some couples. And they can even get the couple out of the pain of losing a child.

What Are These Baby Dolls Made Of?

Reborn dolls are made from soft vinyl, silicone or a mix of both and are assembled, painted, weighted and detailed to have the look of a real baby. There are usually two types of Bebê Reborn dolls on the market, Vinyl baby dolls and Silicone baby dolls. Learn more: Vinyl vs Silicone, which is better?

How much Does A Reborn Baby Doll Cost?

There are two kinds of baby dolls, and the price of these two kinds of dolls is very different. A cheap silicone baby doll usually costs more than $200. A vinyl baby doll usually costs around $120.

Why You Should Buy A Reborn Baby?

Reborn baby doll can help infertile couples
Infertility is hard to talk about, especially for someone facing fertility problems. Couples unable to conceive are paying thousands for handcrafted lifelike Reborn dolls. Reborn baby dolls enable infertile couples to become their parents and treat them like their own children, changing their attire i.e. dressing them in new clothes, bathing them, putting them in a stroller for travel, letting them rest in cribs while they fall asleep.

Reborn baby dolls can help ease loneliness and anxiety
Loneliness exists anywhere in the human world. In fact, Americans' loneliness has doubled since 1980, and they are more likely to commit suicide due to chronic lack of company. Thankfully, even during COVID-19, humans have invented Fake Reborn baby dolls to free them from depression, anxiety, and loneliness. A Reborn baby doll is arguably the best cure for people. The sedative effects that babies can have cannot be ignored. When you suffer from loneliness and anxiety, everything can seem like an effort.

Can Reborn Soft Vinyl Dolls Take A Bath?

Reborn vinyl baby dolls cannot be bathed, if you want to bathe them, we recommend you choose from our range of silicone baby dolls.