The success of this year’s exhibition is still echoing in their ears, and the organizers have to work hard again.

The Bountiful Babies really enjoyed doing this show, which is clearly seen in the huge effort put into the event.

Dates and locations for next year’s Rose Doll show have now been announced.

So I figured it was time to start saving.

The 2022 Rose Doll Show will once again be held at the Davis Convention Center in Leiden, Utah.

The magic will begin on July 11th and end on the 14th.

The theme of the show will be

“Glamour Garden”

I love the theme and think the venue looks simply stunning.

I’m excited to see who will be there as a supplier next year.

I’ll be eagerly following new information about the event and of course letting you all know.

To see some fun from this year’s show, click the link below.


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