Wow, it took almost no time and all the rooms available at Hilton for Rose 2022 were taken.

I know they won’t be around for long, but I hope longer than they are.

This again shows how popular the show is.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t manage to get in here.

While everyone wants to stay at a Hilton, there are many hotels within walking distance.

For example, I booked La Quinta.

For me this is fine.

It’s a 10-minute walk from the conference, but that doesn’t mean I plan to miss anything.

I also love it because I’m going to be in Utah for a week so I want to do more than just Ross.

Giving me these options where I am.

So if you don’t get into the Hilton, don’t worry.

We can host our own party at any hotel.

Enjoy the experience because it’s what you do.

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