Introducing Abigail, Laura Tuzio Ross’s Reborn sculpture.

I think this baby is definitely fit to be a baby girl.

She is amazing. I haven’t seen a version of this baby that I don’t like.

When complete, the kit makes a 20-21 inch baby.

Since it’s an eye-opening kit, she needs 22mm acrylic eyes or 20mm flat-bottom glass eyes.

Her head circumference is 13.75 inches.

She will wear clothes from 0-3 months, which will make you have fun shopping for her wardrobe

The full price of the kit is $115.00 (head, arms, legs and COA).

This price includes US shipping

If you fell in love with this kit like I did, don’t miss the chance to have your own baby.

Since the limited edition of this sculpture is only 1000 pieces, I don’t think it will be long before it sells out.

Welcome Abigail to your collection, please use the link provided to redirect to truborns.

True Burns

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