This stunning sculpt is Asriel asleep by Jorja Piggot.

This kit makes a 21 inch baby when completed, but 19 inch when the legs are bent.

It has a head circumference of 13.5 inches.

The arms are full meaning that the baby can wear any length sleeve without showing the cloth body.

asriel asleep

The legs are also full so if you wanted to leave the baby in just a nappy or diaper for pictures that would be fine to do and you wouldn’t need to worry about showing the cloth body.

The Asriel asleep kit also comes with a belly plate included.

As it is a sleeping baby it is not necessary to purchase any eyes.

Unlike other kits that I have seen, with the Asriel asleep kit the soft doe cloth body is actually included in the price of the kit.

As of yet it has not been decided just how many of these kits will be created.

The COA is included with the kit.

The vinyl is a neutral vinyl.

The full price for this kit is
$109.99, which may seem a lot. But when buying this kit you do not have to really add extras to it which I think is really great.

If you like this kit and want to purchase your own, please use the link below.


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