This Baby George kit is a very unusual kit.

The kit has been modeled by two doll artists. The head is made by Ping Lau and the limbs are by Reva Schick.

The full price for this kit currently is $95.00

Baby George is made of wonderful soft vinyl and is easy to reborn.

The baby when completed will make a doll that is 20 inches in length.

His head has a circumference of 14 inches, making him a really nice size.

The kit has 3/4 arms and full vinyl legs making it really nice to pose and position.

If you are wanting to add rooted hair to the baby you will of course need to purchase this seperately.

I think this kit is really amazing (maybe that’s the Britishness in me).

But Baby George is really sweet and definatly suits a boy.

If I were to add one to my collection I would keep him as a boy.

If you like this kit and would like to purchase your own, please use the link below.

Macphersons — Canada


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