Bo Elle by Adrie Stoete Schuiteman reborn sculpt is available to buy.

A toddler made from this kit measure roughly 28″ inches tall.

Bo-Elle is the 2nd reborn doll kit from the ‘Toddler Sweetness Collection’ a new range of larger kits.

This gorgeous toddler will measure 28”inches and needs approx 26mm eyes.

She’s made of soft vinyl, which is easy to root and she has FULL arms and FULL legs, making her great for dressing in most outfits.

Reborn sculpt

Her limbs are sculpted just for her and will not be used on future toddlers, so she and all future toddlers in the ‘Toddler Sweetness Collection’ range will be completely unique.

Reborn sculpt

Adrie also designed a tummy plate for the Toddler Sweetness Collection kits and is availble seperately.

The current price for this kit is €90.16.

Reborn sculpt

If you want to bring your own Bo Elle to life then use the link provided below.

To buy your Bo Elle kit click here.

Reborn sculpt

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