Within the reborn community one if the things we have noticed is that there can be competition between collectors to get the latest thing.

Whether that is furniture or sculpt some times it as seen as the most important thing to stay ahead of the game.

But personally I do not see why.

I take great joy in my reborns and love my collection.

I do not have all the latest sculpts or the best furniture, in fact besides the cot I currently do not have any other furniture.

When I do buy new furniture it is very rarely new.

I find that preloved items do the job just as well.

Would I like to go out and buy all new?
Of course I would, but that does not mean that I would start being horrible to any one that is able to go out and buy new.

This hobby is one that is meant to bring us together not turn us against each other, we get enough of that from those that do not understand the hobby.

So it really shouldn’t matter if you have one reborn or 20, each baby means something to its mum.

Who says that anyone else should make you feel inferior just because you may not have as much.

Just enjoy the hobby for what it is, after all why shouldn’t we enjoy this hobby. Its our time and money right.

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