As with everything in life it is not unheard of to get criticism about this hobby.

Sometimes you may find that some people can be very hurtful in what they say, but for the most part if it is someone who is understanding they will be ok with it.

Everyone has a hobby right? and although this hobby to most people may seem a little strange, for anyone who is part of the hobby we all have different reasons for getting into it.

The hobby can in fact bring people together.

You may find that in this hobby you will find friends as well as experience the love and affection that we all have for our reborns.

One of my favourite things is spending time in my nursery just cuddling the babies, or going out shopping looking around at all the babies items.

I mean come on, who wouldn’t like looking at all the cute small clothing.

So although the criticism we get can be bad at times, just try to remember the reason why you got into this hobby and lean on others within the community to help you to relax and enjoy the hobby.

No one has the right to make you feel weird or strange for doing something that makes you feel happy.

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