Rose Doll Show or IDTS, how should we choose?

As many of you in this community know, this hobby doesn’t come cheap.

With so many shows, most of us can’t attend more than one a year.

This leads to the question of which to go.

Now, both shows have similar appeal, with baby showers, awards ceremonies, showrooms and classes in both.

Both shows have very well-known names in the rebirth community they participate in,
For roses, you have Nlovewithreborns2011, Twisted Beanstalk, Albie Wentzel, Susan Dizon, Cheryl Martin and Sarah Mellman to name a few.

And IDTS has Juliesreborn1, Albie Wentzel, Bonnie Sieben and Cassie Ann Brace and many more amazing talents.

So if everything is fairly equal inside, what else can influence your vote on which poll you go to.

Well, the Roses are in Utah and IDTS is in Orlando.

So is this enough to help you decide?

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to go to Ross.

This is based on several factors, the first being that it’s a big show, like an annual family meeting, and everyone I spoke to had a great time.

The quality of the babes seen here is unparalleled, with the addition of babh showers, painting lessons and a showroom.

All of these facts make Rose the man in my heart.

But say it was before I studied IDTS.

Being held in Orlando is an attraction in itself.

It is truly an amazing place for all of us to go back to childhood and free our hearts.

Feel better before going to the doll show.

Orlando is a magical place, so adding a doll show looks perfect.


So how do you choose?

My answer to this is that it really doesn’t choose you, it chooses you.

There may be no rhythm or reason for the show you decide to attend.

One factor might be which show your friends have been to, or which show your favorite artist or Youtuber is going to.

For me, I would love to participate.

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