Have you been competing in the Marita Winters Reborn Doll Contest at the Kansas Doll Show in just over a week? So here’s how to get in.

Marita posted on social media.

“For those entering the competition, I will be accepting entries in the showroom starting Friday at 2pm. At that time no one will be allowed in the showroom except the person who brought the entries. Please cover them until they are displayed Get up and keep it confidential until the winner is announced. I will be accepting your entries before the show opens on Saturday morning. You will receive a receipt which you will need to keep for Sunday morning after the winner is announced at 10am Pick up your entry. You can then pick up your entry and bring it to your booth.

I don’t know how she will pick the winner.

Regardless, with the sheer amount of talent and the cuteness of her looks, it’s nearly impossible to choose just one.

I don’t envy her for that task.

I can’t wait to see the babies competing.

It will be very interesting.

Good luck to all who enter.

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