One of the things we use as reborn baby collectors are belly plates for our babies.

These can help project an increased feel of realisim which is great right??

Well yeah of course, but I have always struggled with them.

Reborn baby

I have tried, in fact I have had many unsuccessful atempts at attaching the belly plates to the babies.

But still it just never seems to work for me.

Reborn baby

For some reason they all end up looking wrong.

They look big and clumpy.

Now I guess that it is merely me and the way I am doing it.

Reborn baby

If you look at them they seem simple enough right, in theory I do know what to do.

But when it comes to actually placing them on the baby something always goes wrong.

I will continue to practice although I doubt it will help.

Also some of the tummy plates I have recieved with my babies have been missing any string or ribbon to tie them on.

So as a result of this none of my babies are photographed with belly plates on.

I will endevour to practice more and one day I hope to master it.

Lol, there are bigger things to worry about I know.

But this is just something that irritates me as I am unable to get it right.

Reborn baby

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