Today we have been looking back at some of our old videos to see how our collection has grown and changed.

It has been nice seeing a couple of reborns that we have had to rehome again.

It did make me realise that I want to get some more furniture for my babies as I like it more when they have some space of their own.

I miss having the moses basket here and the bouncing chairs for them.

So one day I will need to replace those.

It can bring back some good memories watching the videos back, from the box openings to basic feedings and changing.

It also showed us how quickly the reborns can become part of your everyday life, how you can have your reborns with you all day .

The main thing that it showed us is that we truly do love this hobby.

How it has helped both our relationship as mother and daughter and also how it has helped me personally when I have days that seem to be against me.

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