With all the reborn babies that have come into our nursery, we haven’t once put on a baby shower.

We have therefore decided, that for one very special baby, that will be joining us in the near future, we would mark the occasion properly.

Now we have never put on a baby shower before so it will be a first for us.

Which means that we will be taking to Google to get some ideas of what to do.

When this baby was ordered the idea was for it to be a complete surprise.

Including the gender and kit used.

But as I have now found out which gender it is, I can theme the baby shower towards it.

So far I am thinking Balloons, snacks, small cakes and gifts.

What I can’t decide is when I should do the shower?

Should it be once the baby arrives home or when the baby has been shipped?

Is there anything else that should be included in a baby shower?

I will of course be recording the shower to put it on our Youtube channel so that you can all join in and see.

I will also be doing an article with pictures about the shower.

As I know which gender it is I am now going to begin looking at name ideas.

As this will be an extra special baby, it is only right that the name is fitting.

So this will need to be thought out as so far we are coming up blank with ideas that seem to work.

As this is our first baby shower we are really looking forward to it.

If it works well and we enjoy doing it, then we will seriously consider doing more in future with any new babies that we get.

So what do you normally do for a baby shower?

Do you play games? Which is something that I think I have heard is done.

Let us know in the comments below.

To try and guess who the artist of this special baby is, please click the link below.


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