The stunning Noel by Olga Auer reborn sculpt is now available to pre order.

A baby made from this sculpt measures roughly 17 inches.

Full limbs on this cutie makes any baby made from this kit super easy to dress in any outfit and maintain realism.

As Noel has closed eyes you will not need any eyes.

Reborn sculpt

You will however need a cloth body which is included in the price.

The edition size of this sculpt is to be decided (single limited edition).

Reborn sculpt

Pre-Order price for this sweetie is $30.

Full Price for the kit will be $109.99.

If you love this sculpt and want to bring your own to life, use the link provided below.

Reborn sculpt

Pre order your Noel by clicking here

Reborn sculpt

Reborn sculpt

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