Beautiful Realborn® Landon Awake looks are now available.

This baby is perfect for sleeping with Langdon.

Featuring full arms and legs, this kit is perfect for dressing up in any type of outfit, giving you a variety of clothing options.

When you buy this kit, it is unpainted and ready to respawn.

You’re buying a blank vinyl kit, not a finished baby.

Realborn® Landon Awake

When finished, Langdon is about 21 inches long and has a head circumference of about 15.25 inches.

Realborn® Landon Awake

This baby is an eye-opening kit.

This kit requires the purchase of a set of 20mm eyes.

The current full price for this kit is $59.95.

Realborn® Landon Awake

Realborn® Landon Awake

To bring this stunning baby into your home, use the link below.

To buy your own Landon sober click here

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