This sculpt is the Angelica kit by Reva Schick.

I personally would class this kit as a child doll, due to the fact that a completed doll measures 42 inches in length, with a head circumferenece of 18.75 inches.

Which makes the doll quite sizeable.

The kit has full limbs which I think is great as I can dress the doll in what ever clothing I want and it will still look very realistic.

As an open eyed kit, you will need to get some eyes for the doll.

This kit requires 24mm eyes. The choice of colour for eyes is of course down to you.

Included in the price of the kit is a body and connectors.

This kit is produced in Germany in a Peach colored Vinyl.

If you want to root hair on this kit you will need approx 100g of hair.

Personally I would always root hair for my dolls.

This doll looks great as either a boy,

Reva schick angelica as a boy

Or of course as a girl.

If you like this kit and want to buy one, click the link below to be redirected to Macphersons.

The full kit cost $189.99.


If you like what you see with this sculpt and what to see more from Reva Schick please click the link below.



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