The Robin Asleep by Nikki Johnston Sculpt is now available for pre order.

Robin Asleep special edition.

A completed baby from this sculpt measures roughly 23” inches.

This kits full limbs makes Robin perfect for dressing.

Robin asleep by nikki johnston

A cloth body is included in the price.

A belly plate is available but is at extra cost.

As this Robin is sleeping you will not need any eyes.

COA: Included

Robin asleep by nikki johnston

ROBIN HAS A TWIN!! ROBIN AWAKE! If you order both kits, you will receive a FREE GIFT!!

These will be SINGLE LIMITED EDITION kits. So grab yours now!

Pre-order is now open.

Price for pre order is $35.00

Robin asleep by nikki johnston

Robin is a BLANK vinyl kit. Not painted or Assembled.

Balance plus any shipping due, will be billed upon the release of the kit.

*illegal copying of kits in any way is against the law. Please by Authentic.

Robin asleep by nikki johnston

To pre order your Robin asleep, click here

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