Soon you will have to decide between Rose Doll Show or IDTS.

The conflict for many of us will be a difficult one to work out.

From 2022 you will have to decide which doll show you will be attending as the Rose Doll Show will be changing dates.

Normally the IDTS has been at the end of June and the Rose is middle of July.

But this will be changing.

From 2022 the Rose will also be at the end of June, meaning you will only be able to attend one.

For many it was a difficult and expensive mission to fit them both in, but it was something that artists liked to do when possible.

Now with the date changing, those that did want to will not even be able to.

Rose doll show 2019

At this point I am still scratching my head to work out why this has been done.

Maybe it was to get us to choose one or the other.

Will IDTS change there dates for that time?

Many questions are left unanswered and I will be curious to see what vendors decide to do.

I know many die hard Rose goers that for them it isn’t even a choice.

But for those of you who like to do both the challenge will be well challenging.

Let me know if you already have an event which for you is a clear favourite.

As a way of testing peoples opinions I am going to put out a poll.

I am looking forward to seeing the results and reading your comments.

So Rose Doll Show or IDTS? You decide.

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