With the growing popularity of reborns, both buyers and sellers are looking at other countries for their dolls.

The issue comes during the nerve racking time when the baby leaves the seller and is then in the hands of the postal service.

Each country postal service works differently.

But they all have one thing in common.

That no matter how much you try and stress how important and fragile your parcel may be, they will still be rough with it.

I have personally had babies arrive to me with the boxes broken and some small damage done to the baby.


Even something as simple as an eyelash being lose when I open it.

So if it continues will it make people less likely to buy from another country?

Personally for now I would probably continue to buy from abroad, but how do you feel about it?

Are you less likely to buy your reborns from a seller who is in a different country?

As an artist or seller do you ship only to the country you live in?

What procautions do you take if you are shipping long distance?

It really is one of the worst feelings waiting for the baby to arrive.

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