I want to introduce my new Reborn baby to you all.

Reborn baby

Don’t you just love it when you get that knock on the door from the post man with a parcel in his hands, or that slip of paper in your post box to say you have a parcel to collect and you know, you just know it’s a new reborn baby to add to your collection.

Well I have been lucky enough to have that recently, when a new baby arrived from my friend and super talented artist Richell Harp from Gemini Reborn Nursery.

This precious baby will raise the total number of babies I now own from Richell to four.

Each baby I have from her is unique and special.

Reborn baby

Not only is the baby well worth every second of work and waiting but also Richell seems to have an amazing eye for picking out the most adorable outfits.

It’s like she just knows what will work for the style of each baby.

Upon collecting the box from the post office I arrived home and couldn’t wait to open her.

Unfortunately I had to contain my excitement for a couple of hours due to my children being home from school for summer.

Reborn baby

But when it was time I took the box and my youngest daughter up to my room to begin the unboxing.

One of the things I find so cute about Richells boxes are the stickers and cards that she has had made.

Reborn baby

They are really sweet and I love them each time I see them.

I saw lots of pretty coloured bags when I opened the box, each bag contained an item for the baby.

It was either clothing or dummy/pacis.

I could see the colour of the baby blanket, which was the most beautiful mint green.

Reborn baby

Included in this box was a very sweet thank you note, which I loved but have to say that it is more me that should thank you instead of the other way around.

But I loved it regardless.

Also there was the normal paperwork of birth certificate and artist cards.

Opening up the first bag we saw a super sweet outfit of a nice white dress and cardigan set.

Reborn baby

The next bag had a playsuit with lots of fruit on.

Reborn baby

Then another bag had a three piece Carters set with elephants.

Reborn baby

Reborn baby

There is also a jeans and jumper set from Carters that is super sweet.

It was all so sweet.


Now that I had opened all the bags it was time to see my baby.

I removed the baby from the box and placed her on my bed.

I was aware which gender I was getting so that part wasn’t a surprise for me.

We begun at the babys feet as always.

Reborn baby

I loved the feel and colour of the sleeper that the baby was wearing.

We were unable to open the sleeper and take out her feet to see at that point so we further moved up to the babies’ hands.

But not before seeing the gorgeous fish design on the sleeper.

It really is a cute onesie.

So we looked at each of her tiny hands which were so detailed and perfectly painted.

Then we were able to unzip her sleeper to reveal her feet, which just like the hands were amazingly detailed and painted in a way I could not fault.

After re-dressing her it was the moment we had been waiting for.

The big baby reveal, when I would finally get to see my gorgeous new baby with my own eyes.

And boy was she worth the wait!!

She is so stunning ?

There is nothing about her I would change.

Her hair is so soft and an ideal length to be able to do different things with.

The little ribbon in her hair was an awesome touch and really brought the cute little baby out in her.

In conclusion with this baby I really love her.

She is quite literally perfect.

The box opening as always from Gemini reborn nursery was amazing and I loved everything that is included.

I think that Richell really has a feel for the clothing that I like.

I want to thank Richell for all her hard work, for being amazing to work with and for being understanding at times.

If anyone hasn’t checked her out before then use the link below to head straight over to her . page and look at all the amazing babies that she has produced.

Gemini reborn nursery . page.

I know I talk for anyone that has worked with her before when I say the biggest thank you .

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