The Benno by Linde Scherer sculpt is ready and waiting to come home.

This little one is a sweet baby.

The current full price for this baby is $69.99.

When completed this kit can make a 21 ” inches baby.

This sculpt has 3/4 limbs, meaning it is better to choose clothing that will hide the cloth body to maintain the realisim

As this an open eyed kit you will need 20mm-21mm eyes.

Benno by Linde Scherer

Benno needs a soft cloth body which can be purchased separtately

As this is an open edition sculpt, which means getting your own Benno should be easy to do.

The kit has been produced from New Light, Firm Head with Soft Limbs all of this was made in Germany.

Benno by Linde Scherer

If you like Benno and want your own use the link below to purchase one.

to buy benno

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