The reborn community is a place where we find that we belong, there is no type that fits and all are welcome.

You dont have to look or certain way or act a certain to fit in.

So far during our four years of being a part of it we have made some good friends. We have, as i suspect we all have in this community, been the victims of hateful and hurtful comments.

We find the best way to deal with them is just to except them and respect that not everyone gets in. No two people are a like so we can not think that everyone is going to like this hobby and understand it. In fact the reverse is always more likely.


More people don’t get it than do.

But that should not stop you from being a part if thats what makes you happy.

You will find that even within the community itself people will judge you.

But on the whole we have been supported by the community and have made some great friends.

What has your experience of this community been?

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