I have been doing Youtube now for two years on our Youtube channels,
Suzy G reborn nursery which I do with my daughter and also my own channel rebornmummy which I do by myself.

During my time on Youtube it has been a big learning curve.

Firstly when I began I did not realise just how much work was involved in running a channel.

I stupidly thought that you just make a video and upload it, without knowing how much more there was to do than just that.

Even a small thing like a thumbnail can take hours to make and get right.

Adding tags is another thing that can take ages to do.

Not to mention the videos that are edited.

So like I said it has been a very big learning curve.

If I knew what was involved before I started would I?

Well I think I would have because it is something that I do enjoy doing.

It is time consuming yes, but I think it is worth it. Plus I like sharing my hobby with others that enjoy the hobby.

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