The Wandon by Cassia Robini Pimenta sculpt is available.

Wandon by Cassia Robini Pimenta

Most kits you see really as one gender or another.

The Wandon kit isn’t like that.

Wandon the first Vinyl kit by Cassia Robini Pimenta is a gorgeous little sculpt.

It doesn’t matter whether you create this baby as a girl or boy the results are the same.

Which is stunning.

Little Wandon is a perfectly cute 19 inches long. Which just makes this little angel so adorable.

Adding to the cuteness of this baby is the fact that this kit conatins full limbs.

Meaning that you can dress your little one in what ever you would like and the realisim will not be affected.

This kit does not come with a soft cloth body, so this is something that you will have to purchase seperately.

Wandon by Cassia Robini Pimenta

As this sculpt is a peaceful sleeping baby you will not need to purchase any eyes.

The current price for this kit is $49.99.

Wandon is a BLANK vinyl kit. Pics shown are of completed prototypes or clay for example only.

Shipping will be $5 in the USA.

International shipping is based on location.

Wandon by Cassia Robini Pimenta

The price for this kit is currently $90. For this baby I think that is a really good price for the kit.

To add this precious baby to your collection, use the link below.

Get your Wandon from Truborns here by clicking this link.

Not the right baby for you? Don’t worry, just click the link below to see the full range of sculpts available.

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