Since entering this community, the only thing I’ve noticed that is rarer than a reborn mummy is a reborn dad.

Our community may be small, but I’ve always thought it was a fair community.

But it seems that men are still unsure about admitting that they like rebirth.

Is this a sign of the times?

Is it considered inappropriate for boys to “play with dolls”?

Whatever I have to say, come now

I can’t turn on the TV without hearing about equal rights for women and equal rights for women.

reborn dad

But to me, equal rights mean equal rights.

This means if a boy chooses to appreciate the art involved in this hobby and likes being born again, why would he not want to share his hobby.

Fairness is fair, and it goes both ways.

Just because society says it’s wrong for boys to have dolls, so why not?

Their experiences will surely make them better fathers in the long run.

No, I’m not implying that boys without dolls are bad fathers, but I mean it shouldn’t be taken as wrong.

relocating so many reborn babies

Personally, I would love to see more reborn dads and welcome them to my . group

Our ﹰLife ﹰWith ﹰReborns . Group

So I would say that appreciating the art of rebirth is not something you have to hide.

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