When buying a reborn there are two normal ways to do this.

One is to purchase a ready made baby that you have seen either on ., Youtube, Instagram, Ebay or any ofher commercial site.

The second way is to find an artist whos work you like and arrange a custom.

But there is a third way, that is to buy a completely secret baby.

This means that you give the artist full control over how the baby looks.


The artist will decide which kit is used. Which gender your baby is, hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, you name it the artist picks.

So that when your baby arrives to you, it is as much of a surprise as it would be if you had actually given birth to that baby.

Expectant parents do not know how their baby will be born, they do not know what hair colour or eye colour that baby will have or what features the unborn will possess.


So this way of buying a baby can be very exciting.

To answer the question would I buy a baby this way , the answer is yes.

I would and I have brought a reborn baby this way before.

My personal experience was an amazing one.

I was kept informed within reason what was happening with my baby and I had communication when ever I needed it.


So if you want to try a new way of buying a new baby and you trust your artist. Why not consider a surprise baby.

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