After an amazing experience at last year’s show, reborn artist Patricia London can’t wait to return to the Rose Doll Show 2022 again this year.

2018 Rose Doll Show

Last year Patricia took her granddaughter to a baby shower and luckily she was given a reborn baby by a very kind lady.

2018 Rose Doll Show

What a kind lady and very lucky girl.

It must have made her a great night and made her whole experience in Rose truly amazing.

Patricia has been reborn for 5 years after she started making costumes for them.

“After a long crochet break I crocheted costumes for them I decided to start making clothes again and then I found these dolls to model my clothes”

As an artist myself, it’s hard to choose just one person as a favorite artist. In Patricia’s case, it was Julie Raleigh of Briar Rose Nursery.

So far, Patricias’ private collection contains 3 reborn babies, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay the same forever.

This year will be her third year of participating in the event,

“I went to 2 shows and last year was the best I think this year. I also attend workshops.”

2018 Rose Doll Show

With all these amazing experiences, it’s no wonder she’s looking forward to it again this year.

Highlights of this year’s Patricia will include attending Albies and Evon classes.

It’s not like traveling from Australia to Ross is a walk on the road.

The 2022 Rose Doll Show is about to become a big event.

But with so much happening, what is Patricia really happy about?

“Catch up with the friends and customers I’ve made and of course shopping at the show.”

We’ll catch up with her and catch up with any updates as we get closer to the show to see what happens during the show.

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