I have recently made a change to the content that I put on my Youtube channel.

Reborn channel

I have also changed the name of the channel from rebornmummy to our lifewithreborns.

I will still be making roleplay videos, but these will be uploaded onto the Suzy G Reborn Nursery channel that was set up with my daughter.

Now on our lifewithreborns you will have more discussion content.

Updating you with things that are happening within the reborn community.

This can be anything that I feel is worth discussing with you all.

I will try and upload as often as I can for you.

I have made a first video explaining this a little more.

I am not used to showing my face so bare with me

I hope to get more comfortable with it over time.

So bare with me and I would love to have your input on the videos I make.

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