You know you have a problem when your reborns have more clothing than you do!


I think it is entirely possible to become addicted to reborns.

With their super cute fingers, cuddly bodies and not forgetting the adorable fingers and toes, what’s not to love?

But that appreciation for them can quickly become an addiction if you let it.

Meaning that you have to constantly buy more and more until one day you wonder just how it happened.

I can see how easily this can happen.

In fact the truth is probably far more that it is harder to not become addicted to them.

If you find that you are falling in love with a large number of babies on a regular occasion and often end up buying then this may apply to you.

Are there more reborns in your house than places to display them?

So if getting addicted is so easy is there a solution? And more importanly do you want a solution?

Well any addiction, if left unchecked, could get out of hand and take over your life.

If it was to happen would you still appreciate the babies you had as much?

I love my reborns and I would love to buy more.

But I am able to stop and say no, if there is something else that I need the money for.

So I think there may still be hope for me.

Are you addicted to them? If you are do you want to stop?

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