This very cute kit is Phil Donnelly’s Aoife look.

When finished, this baby will be 21 inches long.

I personally think this is a very good size for a baby.

Aoife’s head circumference is 14.5 inches.

The arms of this kit are 3/4 and the legs are full, which means the mix is ​​perfect for cuddling and posing.

This is an open-eyed baby, so eyes are needed. The size of this baby is 22mm.

As for the body, you’ll need to add a soft doe body to complete the baby.

This baby is not a limited edition and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The kit is made of soft neutral vinyl.

Aoife Kit

Aoife Kit

The full price for this kit is $89.99.

To purchase this kit from Macphersons, please use the link below to be redirected to the website.


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