In Orlando, Florida, a new big box store is opening. This store has what is called a “respawn” (I do use loose turns in this case) nursery.


A video has been circulating that some of you may have seen by now.

If you haven’t seen this video, then you can use the link below.

Macrobaby Rebirth Doll Nursery Video


“If you have a doll fanatic in your life, go to MacroBaby in Orlando (near Florida Mall). The big box store is opening a new Reborn Doll Nursery to give you the experience of being a new parent. The lifelike dolls are handcrafted, Breathing babies ranging in price from $99 to $7,000!”

So after watching this video, my first reaction was that it was a good idea, but all they did was rob real reborn artists.

The doll itself, while cute, isn’t really a rebirth.

They are obviously factory made.

They just look too doll-like.

They mass-produce paint without tricks.

The fact that they were sold out made me more sure that the babies were stolen from China.

How could a real artist keep a store like this in stock?

This is impossible!

So by opening this store and flooding the market with so many cheap bootlegs, all they’re really doing is killing the community more.

This will have a direct impact on all reborn artists.

If people were led to believe they were buying real reborn babies at this store, they wouldn’t be looking for reborn artists.

If this store is doing well, they will undoubtedly open more.

This will be a disaster for our community.

It would have such a big impact on real artists and would also make it harder for sculptors to make more new kits.

You can’t blame them for that.

So what do you think of this place?

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