This sculpt is the Aria kit from Toby Morgan.

It is so cute, I love it.

If you are interested in this kit I would advise to buy it as soon as it is in stock as it does sell out very fast.

A completed baby from this kit is 18 inches in length.

aria by toby morgan

The Aria has full arms and legs, which makes the kit great for dressing as anything will suit.

As this is a sleeping baby kit, eyes are not required.

A soft doe body will be needed and this helps to make the finished baby extra cuddly.

A belly plate is included so you can take some amazing pictures with your baby looking very realistic, showing off its belly.

This kit is very limited edition and when it is in stock it is limited to a time of just one week.

The kit is made from very light soft vinyl.

If you like this kit and are interested in purchasing one, they cost $79.99.
You can use the links below.

Truborns in America.


Macphersons in Canada.


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