This is Arianna Sleeping by Reva Schick.

When finished, this toddler doll measures 28 inches.

What you buy with this is just the head.

You must purchase the body separately.

But it’s good to know that this baby is also the sleeping version.

Arianna sleeping

If you’re buying a head, the kit it comes with will include, a head without hair, full arms and full legs.

To root for this doll, you’ll also need to buy mohair.

Arianna’s head circumference is 18.9 inches (48 cm). This is actually a very good size.

If you like this kit then you can buy it using the link below.


To view more Reva Schick kits, use the link below.


Anyone who’s watched our Youtube videos will know that we do have an Arianna awake baby, but now that I know there’s a sleeping version, I think I’ll have to get it too.

So it looks like I have to save so I can add another respawn to my nursery.

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