This sculpture is Asa by Iris Clement. If this kit is familiar to you, it’s because it was originally called the BlueBelle.

The full price for this kit is $77.00.

The length of a complete baby using this kit is 20 inches.

The kit has 3/4 arms, so it’s perfect for cuddling.

The legs are full, so it’s perfect for taking pictures of babies without pants.

As an eye-opening baby, you need to buy some eyes. The size of this baby is 20mm.

Asa needs a soft doe body so it will be very cute and fit into your arms.

She’s not a limited edition, so if you like the look, then you should be able to get one.

The kit is made of soft neutral vinyl.


If you like this kit and want to buy one for yourself, please use the link below.


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