This little sculpt is the Aspen kit by Jannie de Lange.


It is such a sweet kit.

When completed the finished baby measures 20 inches. With a head circumference of 14 inches

To add to the realisum of this baby, the kit has full arms and full legs, making it possible to wear any clothing and not show any cloth material.


As an added bonus to this, this kit also has a full torso of your choosing boy or girl.

Aspen will however need a doe suede body, which you will have to purchase separately.

As this is a gorgeous sleeping baby, it is of course not necessary to purchase any eyes.

This kit has been produced in Germany in a Peach colored Vinyl.

I love this kit as a little girl but I would be very interested to see anyones version of a boy with this sculpt.

If you like this kit and are interested in purchasing one for yourself, please use the link below to be redirected to the Macphersons website.


To see more kits by Jannie de Lange, please click on this link,


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