This sculpt is Barnabe by Nefer Kane.

It is a unique sculpt which makes it special.

Barnabe by Nefer Kane

The current average price for this kit is $99.99 which is a little more than your normal kit but considering the uniqueness of this kit it is understandable.

Barnabe by Nefer Kane

When completed this kit makes a 17-18 inch baby.

A baby this size is a small newborn.

Barnabe by Nefer Kane

One thing I love about this kit is that it has full arms and legs, which means you can dress the baby in anything.

The Barnabe by Nefer Kane is made from soft vinyl and has a soft cloth body.

The kit is limited to 500 so if you do like this kit make sure that you get yours whilst you can.

Barnabe by Nefer Kane

Basic Kit Details

Current Average Price: $99.99
Size: 17-18″
Head Circumference: ”
Arms: Full
Legs: Full
Eye Size: N/A
Body: Cloth Body INCLUDED
Tummy: None
Edition LE 500
Vinyl: Light, Neutral Vinyl

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