This adorable Adira by Iveta Eckertova sculpt is available to own.

adira by iveta eckertova

The full price of this kit is currently $99.99.

A completed baby made from this sculpt will measure a sweet 19 inches in length.

This kit has mixed limb lengths, with the arms being 3/4 length and the legs being full.

adira by iveta eckertova

As Adira is a sleeping baby you will not need to purchase any eyes seperatly.

This sculpt needs a soft cloth body, which is actually included in the price of this kit.

When you purchase the kit the COA will be included.

adira by iveta eckertova

This kit has been produced using top quality light, neutral vinyl.

adira by iveta eckertova

To buy your own Adira click on the link below.

To buy Adira, click here

adira by iveta eckertova

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