When I first joined the Rebirth community, I was amazed at all the benefits it gave me.


The most obvious is of course shopping and being surrounded by super cute and adorable items.

As a mom of five real kids, I’ve found rebirth to be a great way to help me develop a maternal instinct that remains strong even as they grow up.

My youngest is now 11 and my oldest is 20 and now that they are grown up, I am relieved to have found this hobby.

The shopping part of this hobby is self-explanatory. This is a highlight of the hobby for me, which would explain how I get so many baby clothes.

As for the stressors of rebirth, I feel like it needs some investigation.

So the way I did it was simple, over the course of three weeks I went through several situations in my life and recorded the results.

So the first one is waking up in the morning.

This is never when I like to get up. So instead, I have a baby close to me so that when I wake up, I can hold it and cuddle for five minutes to see if that improves my mood.

The results now are mixed, I have to say.

After a few days, I did get up after the hug and put the baby back in the crib and started my routine.

But for a few days, I had to admit to falling asleep while hugging the baby.

So it took me a while to get angry and stressed about what happened next.

I found this to be largely not very helpful.

First of all, I’m really not motivated to pick up the kids.

So I had to motivate myself to pick one up.

But once the reborn baby was in my arms, it helped me calm down.

Doesn’t sound like a totally crazy lady now, the rocking motion really helps, and holding the baby and hugging her calms me down.

So I think it’s safe to say that when I actually hold my baby in my arms, I’m glad it’s there, it really calms me down and helps reduce my stress.

Have you ever experienced a case where rebirth helped you calm down and reduce stress?

We’d love to hear, write yours in the comments below.

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