One of the things I love about this hobby is finding new artists, I just found another one that I have to share with you.

This is a nursery where lasting memories are reborn.

Debra, the genius behind the baby, is incredibly talented.

Her children have appeared in movies and TV shows.

Not only that, but she has also won awards and recognition for her art.

Buying a baby from Enduring Memory Rebirth Nursery couldn’t be easier.

Debra offers a very generous 10-month payment plan, which I think is great.

Prices start at $599.99 and let me say they’re totally worth it.

Lasting Memories not only makes custom babies, but also portrait babies, memorial babies, and more.

Her range is also amazing and can create any skin tone perfectly.

The site offers a variety of payment methods so you can choose your payment method.

In addition to this, the site provides you with the latest information on Debra and the opportunity to take one of her drawing classes.

The classes were either online or one of the programs she attended.

If you are buying a baby from Debra or have any questions for her, you will find her very helpful and friendly.

Any problem you may have, she will work with you to find a solution.

So if you haven’t checked out her site before, I recommend you do.

The link can be found below.

Just ready to see tons of cute babies?

To visit the Enduring Memory Rebirth Nursery, click here

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