As some of you may be aware, I have been considering trying to paint a reborn myself for some time now.

I have spent ages going through websites to choose my first kit.

Before I started my search there were some things that I knew.

First, that I had to look at UK based companies due to shipping costs as a first baby or until I move to a country that does not charge through the roof for import tax.

As I am from UK, all my family still lives there, so getting something posted to them and then having them forwarding it to me is by far the easiest way.

Paint a reborn baby amber

Second, I knew that it would have to be a sleeping baby.

So I focused my search on a company that I have once used in the past.

They have a section on their site called seconds.

Seconds are

‘Seconds are kits that did not pass our quality control. Although we do not consider these defects to be major, if you would like a kit without defects, please order a first quality kit’

So keeping this in mind I figured that as a first baby, choosing a seconds kit was the way to go.

Looking over all the choices one baby kit really stood out to me.

That was the Amber kit by Pat Moulton.

I fell in love with this little ones face.

So I am hoping to be able to paint her well.

I will be documenting my progress on here, so if you are interested in following me keep an eye on the website.

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