The Gannet by AK Kitagawa sculpt is available to pre order.

I love this little ones face.

It makes for a perfect gender neutral kit.

Gannet by AK Kitagawa

The Pre order price for this kit is £20.00.

Balance Payment for this kit is £69.99.

Gannet by AK Kitagawa

A baby made from this kit measures roughly 20″ inches long when completed.

As this kit has full arms and full legs this sculpt is amazing to dress in most outfits.

As Gannet is an open eyed sculpt you will need a set of 20mm eyes.

You will also need a soft cloth body which can be purchased separately.

Limited Edition, the exact number is still to be confirmed.

Gannet by AK Kitagawa

Gannet by Ak kitagawa

If you love this kit and can not wait to bring your own Gannet to life use the link below.

To pre order your own Gannet click here

Gannet by AK Kitagawa

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