I wanted to share with you all a reborn baby which is cureentlt selling on eBay.

I think this baby is really sweet.

I have actually contacted the artist myself about him as well as I really do like him.

Below you will find all the information about this baby.

Proudly presenting a new prototype:


sculped by the very talended artist Iveta Eckertová

20 inches (51cm )

~ 6,2 lb ~ 2800 g


Marty is painted by me with genesis paints, in many layers, to create a baby skin. He has a very natural look. I sealed him with a varnish to make a depth effekt of his skin.


Marty has a white cloth body with joints. It’s his original body. His arms are 3/4 and her legs are 3/4 long.


I filled Martys body with high quality materials. I weighted him so really cute babylike with steel balls in head and bottom.


Marty hair is mono- and microrooted with fine and silk mohair. It is sealed inside. The eyelashes are rooted, the eyebrows are painted.


Marty has amazing baby blue human glass.

Coming home

Baby Marty comes with a beautiful handmade outfit you see on the picture with dinosaurs, a magnetic pacifier, a high quality baby planket and different kind of little presents for the new mom.

His beautiful Outfit is handmade from a german designer happy babee. This outfit is exclusive made for my reborn baby doll.

Or you can choose his outfit, the blue babybody Outfit is possible with the blue hat.

Marty has a birth certificate made by myself, because he has no COA (and is not limited)

Not all decoration (for excample the crown) included what you see on the picture.

If you like this baby and would be interested in seeing more pictures or in bidding on this baby, please use the link provided.

.m…co.uk/itm/amazing-PROTOTYPE-MARTY-reborn-baby-doll-by-IVETA-ECKERTOVA-Rebornbaby-boy-omg-/302458668118?hash=item466bf10456%3Ag%3AWlcAAOSw28pZwQl0&_trkparms=pageci %253A5aa1a73b-9de3-11e7-b1db-74dbd1803aaa%257Cparentrq%253A9e8c43e115e0ab4d2d985e99ffdb9867%257Ciid%253A3

I will try and show more prototype babies that are for sale.

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