Plans for the ID&TS 2022 are now fully underway.

ID&TS 2019

Classes for the event are now being planned and are available to book.

The class for June 17th – 19th is the Beginner’s Silicone Painting.

Beginner’s Silicone Painting will be taught by the amazingly talented Susan Gibbs

Hi, my name is Susan Gibbs.

I am a reborn artist, a dolly seamstress, a beginner silicone pourer and an aspiring sculptor.

I’ve been in the reborn industry since 2009. I painted my first silicone doll in 2014 and I loved it!

Since then I’ve spent hours researching on silicones and silicone painting.

My goal is to make it my field of expertise.

I’m privileged to have worked with several silicone prototypes and more on deck.

I would love to share my own painting techniques to those who want to try their hands at silicone painting.

ID&TS 2019

I invite you to attend my Beginner’s Silicone Painting Class.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the 2-day course, students will:

have the basic technical knowledge about silicone material.

be able to paint with confidence using the stippling technique.

be able to matte a painted piece successfully.

Included in the fee:

10.5” full body silicone kit to be sculpted by the amazing Elsie Rodriguez and poured by me

Pre-mixed silicone paints and paint thinner

Painting essentials (paint palette, palette knife, paint brushes, special sponges, acetone, alcohol) ,

Other painting needs (paper towels,

vinyl gloves, masks, plastic aprons, Q-tips and toothpicks)

Print-out of course outline

Dizon Designs bassinet bag

Each student will be required to bring:

Heat gun

Head lamp with magnifier (optional but very helpful)

If you have any questions, you can email me at susanj.gibbs@gmail.

Fee: $625

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