Kansas Doll Show 2022 will be welcoming Kristal Rainey-Anderson of Reborn Elegance.

It is so great that we are going to have so many talented artists in one place.

Reborn elegance creates some truly stunning creations.

Not just babies but also outfits.

Kansas doll show 2019

Working largely with ethnic babies Reborn elegance is a find almongst the community.

Kansas doll show 2019

The work is so cute and her babies always have beautiful faces.

But I also really love her outfits.

Kansas doll show 2019

Being both danity and delicate they really emphaisize the baby that is wearing it.

Making the overall result truly adorable.

Kansas doll show 2019

If ypu haven’t seen Kristals work before, make sure you find time to pop over to her table and visit the babies.

Kansas doll show 2019

You will find Reborn Elegance at table 122.

Make sure you locate this on the floor plan before the big day.

Kansas doll show 2019

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