Lana Jones is set to bring some of the most stunning reborn clothing creations to the Kansas Doll Show 2022.

Kansas doll show 2019

This outfit above was made by Lana and it is so pretty.

With this much talent you are sure to find an outfit that you love.

Lana’s clothing is made for both genders which is awesome as it means you could have a matching set.

Kansas doll show 2019

If you have not seen any of Lanas clothing before, make sure you visit her table during the show.

You will be able to find her at table 132.

Kansas doll show 2019

Not only does she create some stunning outfits, but she is such a fun person herself that you will get a warm greeting.

With so many people to visit during the show, make sure you look at the floor plan in advance to locate where Lanas table is.

Kansas doll show 2019

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