The reborn babies are so amazing and each look brings us something different.

This sculpture is “An Ming” by Liu Ping, and I haven’t spent much time looking at it before.

I’ll be honest, I’m personally undecided on this one because it’s not a kit I’ve seen and fell in love with right away, like some others.

But I am sure that with the right artist and vision, a perfect little baby can be made, and I know a lot of people will love this baby.

But for me, I think I need to watch a few more versions before making a final decision.

So like I said, I haven’t decided yet.

Maybe it’s because I think the baby’s face looks older.

who knows.

The completed Anming kit makes a 20″ baby.

With a head circumference of 13.4 inches, it’s a perfect size.

Arms and legs are 3/4 so it can look very realistic.

The kit does require eyes and requires 18mm.

I love the fact that it calls for a soft suede body because it makes the baby feel so cute.

The kit is peach colored vinyl produced in Germany.

The kit is available from Macphersons for $99.95 at the link below.


To see more of Ping Lau’s kits, use the links below, or write Ping Lau in the search bar.


I think I’ll check out more pictures of the kit myself and see if I can find one that grabs me and allows me to say yes, I do love this kit.

If anyone has a version of this kit then please add it to the My Life Reborn . group.

You can use the link below to get there.


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