This May we are doing another giveaway.

But this time it is a double giveaway.

So I will include a video with ways to enter and also write and add links here as well.


The items that are for the giveaway are two things.

The first is a reborn baby boy.

The second is an item that is reborn related. At present we are not sure what that will be.

We may discuss it with the winner and see what they might like or it might just be a random thing.

We will see.

So the ways to enter are as follows,

First, as it is a subscriber giveaway you have to of course be subscribed to either Suzy G Reborn Nursery


That will get you one entry.

Or Reborn mummy


Subscribe to this channel for another entry.

Now because we are going to use a randomised comment picking app for the draw, the video that you will have to comment on will be on Reborn mummy.

I will add it here once it is made.

For another entry subscribe to
The insane channel


Another entry for subscribing to heartbeatingbeauty


You can get another entry for sharing this on . or any other social media site.

Just make sure that what ever you do to gain entires you let me know as we go along.

That way everyone will get the correct number of entries.

You can also get another entry for sharing the MyCutieGifts . page and group. Each share will be another entry.

You can make a video about the giveaway that will get you three entries.

Also throughout the month I will be adding new ways to enter.

So good luck everyone.

Can’t wait to see who wins.

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