Bountiful babies are really outdoing themselves at the moment.

Bountiful baby

With so many stunning new sculpts out it is hard to know which to get first.

This kit is the gorgeous Jaxson.

He has been reborn by Bianca Franke, an amazing artist from Germany.

Bianca has written this about Jaxson,

Jaxson has a very lifelike newborn skin. I paint and seal all of my dolls with

Genesis Heat Set Paints in many translucent thin layers of paint.

Finest veins, capillaries, and the baby-like skin irritations such as redness,

Scratches or milkspots make my babies look very natural and realistic.

The colors do not fade, leaving the baby beautiful and lifelike for many years.

The sealing of the colors I have been designed in the finest 3D

Technology, so that an amazing real skin structure can be seen.

The hair was “implanted” with the “single hair or micro rooting technique”

And carefully sealed from the inside. I only use for the best quality

Mohair, in this case Kid Mohair by Jana Günther (Heavenly Illusion).

Jaxson also has a painting rooting.

Eyelashes, which are also sealed from the inside.

Jaxson’s details include shaded and moistened nostrils.

The eyes and mouth were so “moistened” with a special varnish to make the baby even more realistic.

The nails are very accurate and shining slightly like real nails.

The painting of the ears and creases is also very important to me.”

This gorgeous little one is currently on sale on eBay.

I love this kit so much. I think Bianca has done an amazing job on him.

I would love to give him a cuddle he looks so sweet and cute.

This baby is one that I will definitely be keeping my eye on.

I love him.


To see his auction page please click the link below.


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