It is a common belief that the people that collect reborns do so due to some upset in their life.

Some breaking point which sends them looking for the dolls.


Well I do not think that this is always the case at all.

Just because someone collects the reborns does not mean that they have lost a child or can not have a child.

Doesn’t mean that they have some mental issue or health issue.

Why is it assumed straight away by most people outside the community that those would be the only reason for someone beginning to collect these “creepy” dolls.


But what if you genuinely just like the babies.

That you think the art work and skill involved in turning a blank vinyl kit into a completed work of art.

Why does this seem so hard for some people to understand?

People collect all sorts, so why is this hobby seem by some as something so weird and strange?

All hobbies should be respected for what they are, which is something that makes that person happy.

In some cases it is just escapism.


And really what is so wrong with that?

Having some time to indulge your imagination is a good thing.

So no, not everyone that collects reborns have a sad story behind why they started to collect them.

It can be as simple as the love of the art.

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